PVC Pipe U DIY Project

PVC Pipe U DIY Project
Shopping list:
30 feet of 1 inch PVC pipe
14 - 90-degree elbow fittings
4 - 45-degree elbow fittings
PVC glue (I did not glue mine but you can if you need to disassemble to store it)
2 - cans glossy red spray paint
30 - zip ties
2 - 18-foot red rope Christmas lights (amazon has them)


Cut the PCV pipe to the following measurements: 

Glue all of the pipe and elbows together in the proper Block U shape, spray paint and let dry for 2 days.

Zip tie the rope lighting to the inside of the U and hang. Not inside the pipe, just on the inside facing side of the pipe.

A stand can also be made using more PVC pipe and gluing in "T" joints on each side of the U.

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